Thanks and Movies…..

I would like to thank everyone who weighed in this week on movies for my Experience of War course! I would note that this is also something that I do in my Military Ethics class, as well as Business Ethics and sometimes other general lower division Philosophy courses. Anyway, here is the list (not updated yet with your suggestions) for Experience of War in roughly the order students present their papers in the term. Enjoy!

If you are interested in why and how I use movies as texts; its part of my narrative case study approach that I have used for a while and discuss in Chapter 9 of my book Achilles Goes Asymmetric.


September 28:





The Messenger

King Arthur

The Last Legion


October 5:        Kingdom of Heaven



The Patriot


October 12:     Four Feathers

The Last Samurai

Lawrence of Arabia

Breaker Morant


October 19:     The Lost Battalion

Behind the Lines (WWI)

The Grand Illusion

All Quiet on the Western Front


Paths of Glory

The Red Baron (2008, German)


November 2: Patton

The Longest Day

Enemy at the Gates

Band of Brothers (pick 1 episode)

Saving Private Ryan

Thin Red Line


Das Boot


Flags of Our Fathers

Letters from Iwo Jima



November 9: We were Soldiers

Apocalypse Now


Casualties of War

Path to War


The Fog of War

Dr. Strangelove

Go Tell the Spartans


November 16:

Three Kings

Courage Under Fire

Thirteen Days



November 28:

Rules of Engagement

  Hotel Rwanda

  Tears of the Sun

  Blackhawk Down

  Battle of Algiers

 GI Jane

   Team America: World Police

  Why We Fight

  World Trade Center

  The War Tapes


December 5:  Wag the Dog

  The Siege

  Fahrenheit 9/11


  War Inc.

  American Sniper

   Kilo Two Bravo

  War (2015, Danish)

Eye in the Sky


December 7:  Hurt Locker

  Gunner Palace


   Battle for Haditha (2004)

  The Dry Land

  Restrepo or Korengal

   Zero Dark Thirty

  Lone Survivor



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